Your dream home

in under a year

No surprises
in the final quote

No hassles
during the entire process

More than 500
dream homes

At Serviventura we make sure we give you what you want, we are committed to you

We make your dream home come true with all its details, that is to say, you get what you want, not what someone tells you need.

You will know the cost of your home from the very beginning, and you will be presented with a clear and detailed project, with a fixed quote and no surprises.

From the very beginning of the project you will know what day you will be able to start enjoying your new home with your family.

Our Dreamhouse method makes your dream come true within a maximum of 1 year and with you having total control over your project.

The dream factory


We define what is going to be done and how it is going to be done.

You send us the construction project for the house. We draw up a preliminary financial analysis and then meet with you and your architect.

We present you with different options that allow you to optimise the costs, define the final materials and qualities you want to have in your home, explaining the execution process with complete clarity.

The servi-commitment


Once you are clear about the above and have decided to make your dream home become a reality with us, we formalise the alliance, you give us a minimum deposit for the in-depth project study (which will be deducted from the final price).

Within a period of 20-30 days, and hand in hand with the architect, we carry out an in-depth analysis and put a breakdown of the details defined in the Step 1 meeting in writing, so that we will be able to commit ourselves to giving you the final cost and tell you the exact day on which you will be able to start enjoying your dream home.

The visible execution


In the execution of the works we ensure that everything goes as you want, without any concerns, with full monitoring and one sole project manager from the beginning to the end of the project, as well as live streaming of the entire works to your mobile phone.

Direct communication with your architect
One sole project manager from start to finish
Live streaming of the works
Weekly meetings

Enjoy your dream


Your house is finished. At this stage we hand over the keys and all legal documentation and now you are ready to enjoy your new dream home.

Do you want to begin your dream?
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No surprises in the final cost of your home

No concerns throughout the entire construction process

Your home is ready to move into in a maximum of 1 year

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