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At Serviventura we aim to satisfy the client by emphasizing the following key points

That our quotes reflect, in a simple, clear and transparent manner, what each item means and how we are going to carry out the renovation so that the final result is exactly what you expected.

That you are clear as to how much the renovation will cost, how long it will last and when we can begin.

The exact day we will finish the renovation so that you and your family can begin to enjoy it.

With our Reforhome method we guarantee that the renovation of your home is carried out quickly, cleanly, without any concerns and at the agreed price.

The visit


Once you call us, we will tell you what day and time we will be coming to see you so that you can explain the ideas you have in mind, then we can begin to turn those ideas into reality.

The person who will visit you is an expert in building and renovations, with over 20 years of experience in the field, so you will be able to ask him any questions you have about what you have planned in your mind and he will be able to advise you on all the options and/or alternatives available, always without prejudice to third parties or breaking the law!
Explain all the ideas you have in mind so that we can evaluate them and give you the correct price with all its details.

The study and the offer


Once we have the data, we need a few days to prepare the offer, always broken down by items, so that you are clear as to what each item is and how much it costs.

We meet and we explain item by item to you so that you do not have the slightest doubt about what we are offering you, and we will answer all the necessary questions until everything is completely understood. If you can't come to us, we'll send it to you, call you and explain it all to you. If after the meeting something needs modifying, we will do said modification and send it to you again. In short, making it clear WHAT is going to be done and HOW it is going to be done, so that you are very clear that the renovation dream in your head is what is going to become a reality.
In fully comprehensive housing renovations, we can even offer you 3D infographics so that you can see what it will be like before we start.

Our commitment


Once you are clear about all the above, you have decided to work with us and you have the final price, we will be happy to commit to give you a start date and tell you the exact day you can begin to enjoy your home.

Transparency in the renovation


Execution of the renovation: In order to ensure that the entire process is carried out as you wish and without any concerns, the sole project manager assigned to your renovation will hold a weekly follow-up meeting with you so that everything is under control...

One sole project manager from the start to the finish of the renovation
Weekly photos with follow-up on the renovation
Weekly meetings with the client

Enjoy your new home


In this step, the renovation's project manager checks with you that everything has been executed correctly, we give you the keys and any legal documentation (if applicable). You are now ready to enjoy your renovated home.

We are always interested in your opinion, we love to learn and evolve; that is why we will contact you once the work is finished to ask you how we can improve, because we want to be better every day, give the best service and that our clients know that they have a trusted ally when it comes to making their renovations.

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